NPR vs Democracy Now: No Contest

[This is a comment I had to make on the NPR website on April 6, 2010 after hearing their lame and sycophantic coverage of a brutal assault by US forces against innocent Iraqi civilians. The story is based on a video leaked to WikiLeaks, which has posed it on ]

Dear NPR,

I listened to your report on this leaked video after hearing it earlier this morning on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman; the difference in the two reports was striking. Ms Goodman’s presentation was much more open, revealing and truthful (with abundant live clips of conversation exchange between the gunship and commanders on the ground), including an interview with a London Times reporter in Kabul who just published a very similar story that recently occurred in Afghanistan. In contrast, NPR’s coverage appeared insipid, hesitant and utterly sympathetic to the US military. After hearing the riviting account on Democracy Now, there is no doubt in my mind that the daily war in Iraq and Afghanistan is engaging the US military in nearly daily murders of innocent civilians, including children and pregnant women. Small wonder there is an insurgent war against an occupying force that behaves in such a manner. Shame on you for not reporting the truth to the American public. I suggest your reporters go to the Democracy Now website and take a look at some real reporting — maybe they’ll learn something.

Very Sincerely,
Rick Casey
Lafayette, CO

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