Push BP out of the way now!

As the Gulf oil disaster continues, the credibility of BP to shut down the oil leak they created decreases day by day. The patience of the American public is wearing thin: how long will it be before BP must be pushed out the way to get the job done?

It is a mistake to assume, as the federal government has done up to now, that only BP has the “expertise” to do this. What has this so-called expertise accomplished? How much longer can this “expertise” be allowed to bungle the job?

I would like to suggest to the blogosphere another option: that the US government force BP out of the way, take over control of the operation, while keeping BP in an advisory role. Call in leading experts for a new plan: to plant explosive charges to seal the blowout through geological means.

The circumstances of this pollutive catastrophe are without precedent – and may therefore require unprecedented solutions. Shutting off of this eruption by implanting subsurface charges in strategic locations, determined by the best seismic and geologic information available (which BP surely must have), is beginning to appear, at least to this author’s mind, the only permanent solution to this horrific ecological catastrophe.

Stronger action must be taken immediately; the longer we delay, the greater the damage will be.

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