Creative economic fix-its? Please, spare us…

[This was a letter to David Segal, a prominent New York Times reporter who writes on various economic topics, usually in the business section. Normally I enjoy his stories, but this one was a real bomb….and on the front page of the Sunday business section, no less…sent Dec 5, 2010]

Dear Mr. Segal,

While I usually enjoy your economic articles, I was rather disappointed with your piece last Sunday (Nov 28, 2010) “Economic Fix-Its.” Where do you find such inept economists who provide such inane and superficial recommendations? For a more balanced, informed and penetrating treatment of our economic malaise, please consider Robert Reich’s recently published Aftershock. In it you will a rigorous and trenchant treatment of our problems, which deserves greater public discussion. It’s not hard to see why there’s a lack of good jobs in this country: they’ve been outsourced for decades by American corporations who care for little beyond their own bottom line. Witness Intel’s massive investment this year in Vietnam — not only for their own factories, but in that country’s schools, to provide a more educated labor force! Would that they could be investing in the human capital in this country instead. Please try to contribute to a clearer understanding of our economic problems, instead of obsfucating it.

Rick Casey

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