[This was a response I posted at the New York Times on May 6, 2012, in response to an outrageous article I had read in the Times Magazine that day, written by Adam Davidson, a fine reporter on economic issues otherwise, about a new book by a certain Edward Conrad, a self-made Wall Street millionaire who also worked for a time at Bain Capital with Mitt Romney — which reveals some rather startling insights into the true world views that such people can hold. It is a testament to the lessons of history, when madmen in positions of power have delusions of grandeur, such as Nero, Hitler, George W. Bush…and now Edward Conrad.]

Given the outrage that Mr Edward Conrad’s pompous article has caused within one day of its appearance, I hope the dear man realizes how out of touch with reality he is. (1,857 comments at the end of the day of publication; oh ho! Well done!)

I also hope he realizes with what a resounding thud of inconsequence his book will make within the economic community. But like all other “experts” of his ilk on Wall Street, who think their intelligence and insights are as lofty as their bank accounts, I’m sure it will not faze him in the least.

No, the self-esteem of the 1% is something that the 99% needs to take an active stand against; and telling people like Mr Conrad to his face what a dangerous idiot he truly is — because he truly believes his wild claims about economic policy to be true and real — is a duty that I and the hundreds of other commenters on this article most happily engage today.

What is even scarier to contemplate is that one of our presidential candidates has also grown up in the little bubble of a universe that the 1% inhabit, and that he might consider such opinions as this to be credible. It’s a crazy world these 1%ers live in….oh, Lord have mercy…