What the Colorado Supreme Court does not see…

[Posted as a comment at coloradopeakpolitics.com on May 3, 2016. It is a blog by a conservative that supports fracking, and was crowing over the announcement today] about the Colorado Supreme Court decision that ruled against the Ft Collins and Longmont earlier bans on fracking.]

What COGA and all its supporters seem not to see in this faulty judgement by the Colorado Supreme Court (on May 2, 2016) is the big picture; namely, global climate change. This global imperative, which is happening whether you choose to acknowledge the scientific evidence or not, should have us all throwing ourselves into the true work to defend the planet, and in the process, creating a permanent, sustainable economy, with permanent jobs that people feel good about because it sustains their communities in the long term.

Continuing to support fracking, from that vantage point, makes about as much sense as putting more rocks in your backpack when you’re trying to climb to the top of a mountain: it holds you back and is furthermore unnecessary. What we need is earnest investment in alternative energy — and DISinvestment in fossil fuels. The technology and the resources for an alternative energy infrastructure to support our entire economy exists; what’s lacking is political will. And that is exactly what the fossil fuel companies try to exploit — because they don’t have a logical leg to stand on…and so they challenge, and seek to confuse, and throw down every legal roadblock they can….because what they cannot offer is a real solution.

And this is what the Colorado Community Rights Act seeks to hasten: forging a blazing legal path forward through all the legal roadblocks that the fossil fuel industry, and other multi-national corporations, have been stealthly been crafting for decades, while the innocent public lay docile. No longer…the Colorado Community Rights campaign should be a clarion call to everyone who is fed up with business as usual, and even if you don’t understand all the details of why community rights should be given legal precendent, or that constitutional rights for corporations is wrong, join us and take a stand! To volunteer to help, and learn more about our cause and volunteer, see  http://www.coloradansforcommunityrights.org

You will not be disappointed. We stand for a true and lasting sustainable world. COGA stands for profits of a dying industry that is poisoning the planet, and deserves to die, in order to make way for a true and living economy.