Nancy MacLean: a powerful voice calling out the Radical Right

I am listening to Nancy MacLean tonight for the first time, thanks to a broadcast on KGNU, through that great show, Alternative Radio by David Barsamian. 

(By the way, if you’re reading this before January 7, 2018, and live in the Boulder area, David will be speaking at Veterans For Peace this Sunday night, in a small, cozy setting. If you want to go, contact me.)

Nancy MacLean is another powerful voice calling out the Radical Right, and I am glad to discover her own brand of activism, which is well grounded in deep academic knowledge of social movements. She is a history professor at Duke University, and has had a distinguished academic career, specializing in social movements in the US South. 

I admire her courageous talks, and her determination to raise awareness among the public of the danger of the Radical Right’s active hostility to democracy. Though I have only just discovered her, I think she is right on in calling attention to the dangerous ideas behind the Radical Right, which is the dressing up of a savage selfishness by the One Percent, and their self-congratulatory position in dismantling the power of a democratic government to block their selfish ends, in a cloak of pseudo-intellectual  justification of their actions….which I believe describes exactly what has and is happening in the US. 

Here’s a YouTube of one of her talks: 

Origins of the Radical Right & the Crisis of Our Democracy

Her Wikipedia entry, where the section about her latest book, Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America, is particularly informative.

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