Part-time teacher, part-time programmer, full-time activist.

Raised in Charlotte, NC; educated at a few universities, earned an MA in Regional Science (think economic geography) at the University of Pennsylvania, 1981. Hightailed it out to Colorado the same year, mostly to climb and ski. Haven’t left yet, though climate change is indeed a concern.

Earned a second masters in telecomm at UC-Boulder in 2002. Never really made use of that degree, but I did learn about how the internet is constructed right at the time of initial flowering (or should I say deflowering? 🤨) of its commercialization in the late 1990s. There was a brief period when commercial use of the internet was prohibited, known as “acceptable use policy,” now a quaint idea but could serve as a model for making portions of the internet safe again.

Graduated just in time for the Dot Com crash, (was working for one of those nonsense startups at the time while still in grad school.  This was yet another Wall Street induced recession…welcome to the Wild, Wild West period of the internet! It’s still raging today in all its splendor, but maybe someday our privacy data will be protected, and the true benefits of the internet will begin to evolve…but we ain’t there yet.

larimeralliance.orgStarted in 2019 as result of SB-181, the law giving local jurisdictions the power to regulate the O&G industry, for purpose of citizen oversight of how the law would be implemented.
larimerallianceblog.orgBlog for the above website.
focosustainability.orgWebsite for the Fort Collins Sustainability Group, which was formed in 2005. Helped migrate the website to its current form in 2019. They focus on city policy measures dealing with sustainability issues.
colivableclimate.orgWebsite for the Colorado Coalition for a Livable Climate. Originally formed in 2019, now (2023) has 45 members. They focus on state legislation dealing with sustainability and climate change.
ncalf.orgWebsite for Northern Colorado Alliance for a Livable Future. Umbrella group for two above websites, plus a few other local groups.
Websites I created and maintain as part of my activism